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Guidelines for Online Customers

www.focus-point.com is owned by Focus Point Vision Care Group Sdn. Bhd. that has a Registered Optometrist and/or a Registered Optician who has a contact lens permit and the business has been registered with SSM.

All contact lens displayed in online store are genuinely from reputable contact lens suppliers and registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Storage of optical appliance (glasses) and contact lens are adhere to proper storage methods as stated on the product label.

Eyeglass lens prescription typically are valid for one year. Customers are advisable to have regular eye check at Focus Point retail store where we have a Registered Optometrist or Optician and permitted to perform eye examination.

Customers are advisable to have a valid contact lenses prescription issued by a Registered Optometrist or Optician within six months after issuance.

Eyeglasses lens prescription might not be the same as contact lens prescription. You are advisable to refer to Focus Point’s Registered Optometrist or Optician for advice.

Customers are advisable to have a comprehensive eye examination with a Registered Optometry practitioner before making a purchase of optical appliances (glasses) and contact lenses.

Please seek the advice of a medical practitioner or optometrist registered if experiencing persistent symptoms or side effects.